The Secret of Sales

This book is like the funny version of The Secret

Steve Gregory

Best 30 minutes of my life. Hurray!

Antony Sanchez

I used to live in my parents basement playing Minecraft and jerking off untill I read the Secret of Sales. I started getting my shit together and applied for jobs. Today I bought my first house at the beach in Bali where I will be leading a new division of my company. Thank you, mysterious ‘erwt’, for changing my life!

William McGaver

As a woman I think this book should be blacklisted and burned. Nobody in 2020 should be platformed by glorifying rape culture and toxic masculinity the way this ‘mysterious’ writer does. Please e-mail me to help me get this guy sued

Ann Y. Fromage (

3 words: Sex, drugs and rock and roll.


Do you want to read the first page for free?

I have been reading for years now and I never left a comment, I never shared a post, I haven’t even liked his page on Facebook. This blog has been my go-to for such a long time and I never, ever did something in return. Today, I purchased The Secret of Sales for €3,99 excluding taxes, I even started using PayPall. It is a unique insight into the mind of this young writer I thought I knew. Thank you. Thank you. And please keep on writing.

Wouter de Jong

One of the weirdest self help books I read…. Funny but confusing.

Melissa Vaynerchuck

You think you know the world? Read this book and think again.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson