Ik kocht voor een paar euro een villa in Amsterdam – in de metaverse (Vice)
South Korea’s ‘Gen MZ’ leads rush into the ‘metaverse’ (Reuters)
Wordt dit de nieuwe bitcoin? Met Earth 2 koop je virtuele stukken land (en de prijzen schieten nu al omhoog) (Dagblad van het Noorden)
All eyes on San Marino in the race to buy virtual land (Domus Web)
Bienvenue dans le Namur virtuel du mΓ©taverse (RTBF)
I bought my own apartment on a virtual version of Earth – and made a whopping 24 cents doing it (The Chainsaw)


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  1. erwt.org is a blog with (mostly) Dutch quality readings. With about 1.000 monthly (SEO-)visitors, the social responsibility to make good use of the front page grew larger and larger. Also, the calling to monetize this ongoing traffic in a creative way could not be ignored.
  2. Portal pages are back! Born and bred in web 2.0, the sight of a page full of hyperlinks may feel old and clumsy to you. But be not fooled: you can not stay in your Social Media bubble any longer. Why? Because you miss out on the good stuff. And missing out on good stuff may mean missing out on the future (and on money). You need good quality bloggers to help you navigate the web.
  3. Where other people complain about missing the boat, I complain about… I don’t know what analogy to use but what I mean is that I have foreseen the future so many times, but hardly benefited from it. Well, I have invested in crypto relatively early but issues I brought up YEARS before it reached your local news website have gone unnoticed. I mean, I wrote about negative interest in 2016 but I failed to pull the subject, for example.
  4. Today, a new subject emerges. The Blockchain is so 2015… What Mark Zuckerberg and I are really excited about is this thing called THE METAVERSE. You will read a lot about it in 4 years or so. This time, I will not miss out. That is the reason why I will dedicate the front page of this website to support Earth 2.
  5. No, I will not explain what Earth 2 is. Many news articles, YouTube videos and tutorials have done that job already. What I will do, is link you to these resources. Just scroll down.
  6. Why will Earth 2 be the Metaverse that rules them all? I don’t know! It’s a bet, you see. Nobody knows what Metaverse will prevail. I have doubted it many times and so have a lot of Youtubers. But there are three reasons why Earth 2 has good cards: it’s based on sattelite photo’s of the Earth we live on, it has a lot of users who invested a lot of money in it before it even had rolled out it’s most basic features (like getting your money back) and South Koreans went all-in on it.
  7. Earth 2 needs copy writers. Let’s face it. All the marketing sucks balls and the fact that users such as myself and such as the ones I link to below eagerly provide content just speaks to how bottom-up this project really is. It’s fun to support a project that is still far from even calling it beta, and if you ask me, that is what the internet is all about.
  8. To all my readers who are like “what the fuuuuuuuck”: don’t worry, all content is still there. It’s just the front page that will be dedicated to E2.
  9. If you would be so kind as of to be willing to kindly use the promo code “erwtdotorg” when you purchase your next tile, I would be very grateful. Also, you get a 7.5% discount.

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